Like you, our love story is unique, and we’re happy to share our journey and vision so you can see for yourself how passionate we are about making your Dream Italian Wedding a reality!

The Story of Richard and Rie

Rie, a native Japanese and graduate of the finest private Japanese schools, was a Market Researcher quickly climbing the corporate ladder. From Japan, to Australia, to New York, and all the way to Los Angeles, Rie was an eager world-traveler with an infectious zeal for life. Richard, a charismatic native of the United Kingdom, was an award-winning TV and film actor. He spent his time teaching seminars to other actors and helping hundreds of international actors relocate to the United States.

They met in LA and quickly learned that they had much in common. They spent the next five years traveling the world together, exploring and loving life. When Rie’s company asked her to head to London to open a new office, she jumped at the chance. Richard would be closer to his family, and Europe offered more amazing experiences they could share together.

It was clear by the time they arrived in London that they both truly loved to travel, were dedicated to their careers, and were passionate about dreaming big, setting goals, and making success happen, no matter the situation. It was this love of shared goals, experiences, and world travel that helped solidify their love for one another and ignited their passion for helping other people achieve their own dreams.

Richard and Rie’s
Dream Italian Wedding

In 2017, Richard and Rie experienced their own Dream Italian Wedding. While the day was beautiful and all of their guests gushed about how wonderful the experience was, it wasn’t a simple process getting to that day. While their love for one another was effortless, planning the wedding experience was a lot of work!

Since Rie’s family was in Japan, and Richard’s was in the UK, and their mutual friends were in Japan, the UK, and Australia, the couple decided on Europe as a neutral wedding location that everyone would enjoy visiting. But finding the perfect spot would take many trips, lots of exploring, and a lot of time. One of Richard’s friends, an accomplished wedding photographer, suggested the Italian Lakes. It was perfect!

With a location chosen, it was time to go over the hundreds of small decisions: colors, cuisine, entertainment, flowers, decorations, music, and so much more. While Rie and Richard enjoyed the challenges, there was no mistaking the fact this was hard work. Because of Richard’s experience in films and television, and Rie’s experience in business and market research, they were perfectly suited to handle each situation, make every decision, and end up with an incredible wedding experience in Italy that they’ll never forget.


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